Thursday, 22 July 2010

Overcoming Adversity

Hey check out this great video, think it's a great 'antidote' to my last post lol! Another little gem I found through courtesy of Kellie Hosaka's site ... so thanks again Kellie


  1. Aloha Denise,

    I just commented on your last post and then I saw this post. Awe, it made me feel so good that I helped you a little.

    Now you just made my day!! :))
    Thank you for sharing and please let me know how else I may assist you, even though I'm all the way in Hawaii.

    Love you Denise!

    Kellie :)

  2. Hello again Kellie,

    Now 'what a turn up for the books' that is, knowing that I've made your day - Thank you :) doesn't it make you feel good when you know you've helped someone!!

    ...and you are only a 'click on the keyboard away' the power of the internet is amazing isn't it connecting us with friends all over the world ... thank you for the love Kellie, the feeling is mutual... have a great weekend... now back to mastering one skill at a time lol!

    Denise :)