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"For Things to Change You have to Change" Jim Rohn

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Monday, 14 February 2011

You Want Financial Freedom? ... How's Your Financial Intelligence ?

Money is not Evil ... It's just Money !!

Money affects and connects everyone, regardless of whether they believe this or not
I have been reading another great book from Robert Kiyosaki in which he gives a refreshingly honest outlook on how to become smart about money:-

‘Increase Your Financial IQ – Get Smarter with your Money’

In this post, I have taken extracts of really interesting information from the above mentioned book to whet your appetite, the book is a riveting and fascinating read and if you care about what is happening to the global economy and how it affects you, then do yourself a favour and read this book (unless you have already done so, then you will know exactly what I mean) and the video below is equally relevant and valuable.

The following is the author’s (Robert Kiyosaki) note prior to his introduction to his book

“It ‘s financial education that enables people to process financial information, and turn it into knowledge...and most people don’t have the financial education they need to take charge of their lives” – Donald Trump says ‘he couldn’t agree more’
“One of the greatest failures of the educational system is the failure to provide financial education to students. Educators seem to think that money has some sort of quasi-religious or cult-like taint to it, believing ‘the love of money is the root of all evil’. As most of us know, it is not the love of money that is evil – it is the lack of money that causes evil. It is working at a job we hate that is evil. Working hard yet not earning enough to provide for our families is evil. For some, being deeply in debt is evil. Fighting with people you love over money is evil. Being greedy is evil. And committing criminal or immoral acts to get money is evil. Money by itself is not evil. Money is Just Money” Robert Kiyosaki

Hmmm! Thought-provoking words !!

I don’t know about you, but they really struck a chord with me. Here’s some more :-

1) Being born poor and financially un-educated, does not mean you cannot become rich.
2) Start small and take baby steps.
3) Dream BIG

Robert Kiyosaki states in his book ‘that there are 5 Financial IQs that need to be developed to increase your financial intelligence and achieve financial integrity – a person who has mastered the five intelligences has achieved financial integrity – in this respect integrity = wholeness, a quality or state of being complete or undivided.

Financial intelligence is the intelligence we use to solve our specific financial problems.

The five financial IQs are:
1) Making More Money
2) Protecting Your Money
3) Budgeting Your Money
4) Leveraging Your Money
5) Improving your Financial Information (develop these to become rich)

Hmm! I always thought that it takes money to make money (I even state that in my ‘About this blog’ page!!) but not so according to Robert ... tell me more I need to learn, I am keen to learn. It’s all starting to make sense to me ...

it’s all about information – which now leads me to this next piece from Robert:-

“Information is the single greatest asset of this era. In previous ages, you owned factories, cattle ranches, goldmine, oil wells or skyscrapers to be rich ... In the Information Age, information alone can make you very rich. You don’t need tangible resources like land, gold or oil. The young entrepreneurs who created MySpace & YouTube have proved that with just a few dollars, some information, and the leverage of technology, these ‘twenty-year-olds’ have become billionaires. Likewise poor or mistaken information is a liability. Poor information creates poor people. One of the reasons so many people are struggling financially is simply because they have obsolete, biased, misleading, or erroneous information powering their most powerful asset, their brain. Many people who are struggling, are doing so because they are using Industrial or Agrarian Age Information in the Information age. Examples of Industrial Age information are ideas such as, ‘I need a good education to get a high-paying job’ – an example of Agrarian Age Information is ‘Land is the basis of all wealth’ “

“Information is just information, intelligence is the ability to take information and make it meaningful. You have to learn how to sort, categorise, discard and process tremendous amounts of information from multiple and varied sources. You need to know the difference between facts and opinions. A fact is something that is proved by verification of physical proof (e.g. cashflow, how much rent is being received). An opinion is something that may or may not be based upon a fact (e.g. Capital Gains, how much a property is likely to be valued at). In other words, an opinion might be a fact, but it remains an opinion until verified. As my good friend and business partner Ken McElroy says, Trust but verify. A smart investor is a person who invests with both opinions and facts” Robert Kiyosaki

Well some real nuggets of wisdom here !

Robert has stated that he strongly believes in the power of our minds, our minds being our most important form of leverage, and he recommends that we read books and attend seminars before investing.

Wow! this is all very thought-provoking isn’t it – I know that I need to re-read the book and to keep referring back to it so that I can really learn and internalise all this valuable information, as there is so much more to read and learn from the book, especially how our brain works!! (maybe another blog post on that later !!)

So which economic age ideas are you still sticking to? The Hunter-Gatherer Age, The Agrarian Age, The Industrial Age or The Information Age?? Well I know which one I choose, your choice I believe will dictate whether or not you become rich.

“Rich or poor we are all involved in the game of money” Robert Kiyosaki

Hope you found this post interesting and helpful, discovering the words of wisdom from Robert Kiyosaki has been a major influence for me.