Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Great Day With Friends

Hi there,

Just thought I'd share this picture and explain the story behind it.  This was taken a few years ago when Ged (my husband) and I had recently joined a local family bike club, and were attending our first rally.  Ged had bought his dream bike a Harley Davidson, and in a local pub one night we got talking to friends and fellow bikers and decided to join the newly formed bike club called Estonians Motorcycle Club.  This was named after the small village called Eston near Middlesbrough, where most of the members are from. They are all a great bunch of people who aim to raise the profile and image of bikers, and consist of people of all ages and from all walks of life.  The group does a lot to raise money for various local charities, and the main aim is for everyone to have fun whilst enjoying their shared passion of motorcycling.  This is carried out via many runs out, nights out and organised rallies and weekends and holidays away.

This was our first rally which was held in a local farmers field (courtesy of the farmer) we had a huge marquee
with a number of bands playing throughout the night, a couple of burger stands, and stands selling various merchandise.  There was also a huge bonfire, and of course numerous tents for all the fellow bikers attending.  The atmosphere was amazing!! and what a great weekend it was.

Many people have a negative image of bikers, probably because of the way they are sometimes portrayed in the media as 'rough and ready troublemakers' yet for all the people who attended this rally, and there were many, from young children upto some people even in their seventies!! this was not the case, there was not any trouble at all, and everyone was friendly, just enjoying their time socialising, drinking and dancing until the early hours, and also enjoying pre-arranged 'games' throughout the weekend.  Another highlight of the weekend, is that all the bikers would then be led by a police escort through the various local towns, now that was a sight worth seeing and even better being a part of it.

In the picture above, I am to the very left of the picture, wearing my Harley Davidson t-shirt with pride, and Ged is to the far right of the picture, and our great friends are in between. What makes me laugh about this as I look at the picture, is that we all  watched and laughed in amazement as we watched our friends Val and Nigel setting up their tent .... blow up airbed arrived, then the quilt and many pillows, then they put fairy lights up around the outside of their tent ... so funny!! but there's more to come if you notice in the picture.....the table came out plus a fancy table cloth, bottle of wine, and then a potted plant haha! hilarious,  bearing in mind we were 'roughing it' camping out in a farmers field.  Then what got everyone's vote of approval was the huge pan of curry she had prepared for everyone (well those in our group anyway) with relevant pots pans and cutlery.

What a fantastic weekend we had, we made many new friends and this was just the start of many great times we have had, and hope to still have ... what great memories!!   I hope to share more with you soon. :)

Friday, 14 May 2010

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

 Here's another great article I found from a fellow 'twitter' MarcJ Ward

Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants


Just been checking out my twitter site and found this great article and video which I thought I would share, check it out and see what you think :)

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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Want to know about Financial Education? - Then listen to Robert and Kim Kiyosaki

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I thought it was about time I added some valuable educational content on this blog, and since I began to read the words of wisdom from Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame, I have been  greatly influenced by what he has to say and he has inspired me to take the steps to achieve the life of my choosing ... check out the links and articles I've added below, and judge for youself ...

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