Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Have You Unconditionally Helped Someone Lately & Made a Difference to their Day?

A Friendly Gesture !!
Something happened a couple of days ago which left me quite reflective in mood, and which I felt that I needed to share...

I had been to town with my daughter to do some shopping, it was Sunday and everywhere was closing and we had just been for something to eat and drink before we set off for home.  A woman came up to me and said, “would you mind if I asked you something?” to which I replied, “no of course not” she smiled and seemed happy and asked me if there was anywhere open where she could go as she had about an hour and a half to pass before she got her train back to London (we were in Middlesbrough and London is approximately 350 miles away). I explained about everywhere closing early on a Sunday as she was wondering why everywhere was closed and not many people about. I explained that there were a couple of pubs close by where she could get something to eat and drink and that she could pass the time and which were also not far from the railway station.  I then said that we were heading that way and she could come with us and we would show her where the pubs where.

Although we were complete strangers, we seemed to be at ease with each other and began to chat about ourselves. I learned from her, that her name was Sam, as she introduced herself to us and shook our hands.  She had travelled down on her own to attend an Absailing/Bungee jumping event from the Transporter bridge (a well-known local landmark in this area )  
..and that she was doing this for charity, she stated that she had pledged to raise £100 for a charity for children with Leukaemia (CLIC Sargent) but had only raised a small amount and had put the rest in herself,  she was smiling all the time, but laughed as she stated that at the time of the ‘event’  she was very scared (not her exact words lol!) She was 27 years old and stated that she was originally from Iran.  My daughter and I were very interested in what she had to say, as she spoke proudly about her country and her family.  She also expressed a keen interest in how my daughter looked with her distinct look of partly shaved head on both sides and two-tone hair, with piercings and tattoos, as Sam explained that she herself, is quite independent and loves a challenge and loves to travel.  

She was also dressed in western style clothing of casual trousers and jacket, but then politely explained about the Islamic rules of clothing for women. This then led to an interesting mutual conversation of how we all come from very different cultural backgrounds and yet we are all human beings with a right to be as individual as we choose to be, and how we should not judge people from how they look.
Before we knew it, time had passed and we each had to go our own ways, but before she left, she asked if she could hug us, and thanked us for being so kind to take the time to talk to her and help her, and we agreed that this does not always happen in this day and age as some people are either too busy or to suspicious to help or even just to talk to a fellow human being especially when they are on their own in an unfamiliar environment!!! As she looked me in the eyes, she smiled and said to me “I can see that you have soul” I felt surprised and somewhat humbled as I smiled back and said “thank you”

I don’t really know what anyone else will make of this ‘meeting’ but my daughter and I were talking about how ‘random’ this was ... I felt really affected by what had happened, and I always believe that there are reasons for everything! I kept thinking about this when I was at home, which then made me think of another lady I had heard about online who was from Iran (I think!!) a well respected motivational speaker named ‘Ellie Drake’ I checked out her site on line again, and was surprised to read that ‘she speaks from her soul’ ... I then decided to join her online community ‘BraveHeart Women Global Community’ which is something I can relate to and respect.

This random meeting certainly stopped me in my tracks, and made me think deeply about how we all connect as human beings and how a smile and a few kind words can really make a difference to someone’s day ...