My name is Denise Gray, and I have started this blog as part of the process to enable me to achieve my dreams with a goal of ‘Financial Freedom’ and all that this brings with it.

I am a Registered Learning Disabilities Nurse by profession, however, I am no longer practicing, my own choice, I decided I did not want to renew my registration.  My passion is with Herbalife for which I am an Independent Distributor/Member.    I also love The Law of Attraction and The Secret (a book by Rhonda Byrne) and other books and resources about Personal Development which play a big part in my life. 

I am interested in Psychology and Anthropology.  I am a ‘people person’ and I like to know what makes people ‘tick.’ I  like Yoga, Pilates and Martial Arts.  I also love to go for rides out and touring with my husband on his Harley Davidson, this was his dream to own a ‘Harley’ and I encouraged him to go for it – now I’m going for my dream - to live my life how I want to live it, to get up when I want and do what I want to do.  I want to travel all over the world and see all the wonderful and interesting places and to meet lots of interesting people. 

Everyone has dreams and you can make them come true if you really believe in yourself and then to take the action to make these dreams come true. 

You need passion, desire, motivation and determination.   I believe that these are some of the qualities for success in whatever you chose to do.

So I began to wonder how I could become self-sufficient and financially free – My Dream – to be in total control of my life, to work when I wanted to and 'be my own boss' I know I have the correct mindset, I just have to take the correct action. 

I also have a keen interest in property, and it was through this interest that I began to read more on related topics, and a turning point came when I read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad – RDPD guide to investing, I felt like a light bulb had gone on in my brain, and I had an affinity with so much that he was stating.  By coincidence, an invite arrived through the post to attend a 2 hour seminar from the Rich Dad team in my local area. So I of course went along and then I booked up for a weekend course.  I was encouraged to look at starting a business, and online Network Marketing was suggested.  I went home and typed in a few key words and was inundated with lots of various options. I eventually chose one and tried to make this work for a while, before eventually deciding that this was not for me.  

During the time I was still trying to make this business work, I met Kellie Hosaka on Twitter,  (I now realise a turning point in my life) probably through one of her posts about Robert Kiyosaki, and this caught my interest as Kellie and Robert are both from Hawaii 
(a place that has always fascinated me, although I have not visited ... Yet !)  I then checked out Kellie's Blog and we began to communicate with one another. There was so much that we had mutual interests in that we just resonated and became good friends.  I think this was possibly 2009 and it was 2 years later before I asked Kellie about Herbalife, I signed up with Kellie on 11th November 2011 (11.11.11  ... Ooh! I love synchronicities).  Kellie and I both believe that we 'met' for a reason.

As I digested all the information, I felt so in tune with what was being said, it just seemed to encompass all my dreams and beliefs and mindset, and what I loved most (although admittedly the idea of becoming wealthy was a definite plus) was the idea of ‘giving back’ and I believe that the more you gain be it wealth or knowledge, then you gain more when you share this. 

This is to be my mission along with likeminded people, to not only obtain financial freedom, and time freedom, and to be the best I can be in all aspects of my life, but to also help others to do the same.  

Everyone has dreams and you can make them come true if you really believe in yourself and then to take the action to make these dreams come true. I want to be an inspiration to people to give them hope and encouragement to follow their dreams. 

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