Monday, 14 June 2010

Online Network Marketing / Information Overload!! - Want to know how I dealt with it ?


YOU’VE HEARD OF R&R (Rest &Recuperation) WELL HERE’S MY R&V (Rant & Vent)

What prompted me to do this ‘alternative’ post was thinking about a patient I was working with a couple of weeks ago.  He was working in a computer session and decided to put his heartfelt emotions down onto the screen.  He did this in a very large font size and in a bold print (as if he was shouting!!)  It left nothing to the imagination as he described some of his fellow peers, staff members and his consultant psychiatrist in a less than flattering light.  Now I know this might seem unprofessional of me, but I could not help but laugh when I read it (bearing in mind this was not in the presence of the patient or any others, as another staff member had saved it and printed off a copy for me to read and for me to act on).  
I initially thought it was perhaps inappropriate and disrespectful, but then as I heard from the staff member that the patient had been laughing to himself as he typed away on the computer... and no-one had been physically hurt, I began to think that maybe this had acted as a form of therapy for him!!  As I was aware that not too far away, another patient was ‘kicking off’ quite aggressively with the potential of hurting himself and many others...hmmm! so which was the better way of the two options to vent  frustration? 
And now for something completely different
So here goes with my official Rant & vent ....                              

I know my picture of me on my sites is a nice ‘smiley’ one which I am and aim to be most of the time (hence the title!!) ... but every now and then I stop smiling and give vent to my emotions.  Now I usually advise the patients I work with that we are all human and that we are born with a range of emotions, (stating that we are not robots or like Spock!!) and that we would not have been born with these emotions if we were not expected to express them.  
There is also obviously a right and wrong way to express emotions; working with people with learning disabilities and personality disorders has given me plenty of experience of this... heck! I think my personality is disordered at the moment lol!
Hopefully some of that DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) which I used to help teach, is rubbing off on me now and then....Talk about ‘practice what you preach’ or ‘lead by example’ ...
I have taken time off from my JOB to play ‘catch-up’ and I’ve been ‘cabined up’ in my ‘home office’ for this past week.. .studying, studying, studying... I’ve hit information overload again.

I have been trying soo hard  lately.... in fact too hard and something had to give and here it is...
There is only so much optimism and positivity a person can take ...

I am sick of everyone promising me the earth...’just do this’ ‘just do that’ ‘buy this –  buy that’  ‘BUY THIS – BUY THAT’  ... Sheesh I’m fed up with it all!!!
‘Watch this webinar’, ‘watch that webinar’, ‘read this article read that article, set up this website implement this n that’... all that technical jargon WHAAT!!  I think I’m  about to blow a fuse!!     
I’ve also joined so many new social media networks, which are fun, interesting and very helpful, but it takes up so much time trying to keep up with everything.
Now I know if I stick at this I will succeed, I know that !! and I’m determined to do so... but just for the time being I just need to have full vent of my emotions ....
sometimes it is just so hard , frustrating and overwhelming ...many a time I have felt like pulling my hair out and head screaming for the hills (a little dramatic  I Know but hey that’s just me !!) and the Eston hills are just on my doorstep by the way.
Yes!  I really do appreciate all the positive, inspirational and motivational stuff out there, but I’m sure a lot of you out there can relate to me on this when I sometimes  say ...
            ‘What am I doing now?’
‘I don’t know what to do next?’                                   
            ‘I don’t know where I’m going wrong’

Heck !  I’ve even felt guilty for feeling this way !!! as if I’m not allowed to have these emotions. 
I know the companies I am currently working with are fantastic,   and offer a lot of help and support, everything is there, I just have to reach out and ask and take action! But! they are based in America and I am in England and sometimes, just sometimes ... it would be so nice to meet up with someone face to face
 someone who understands, a kindred spirit who could help me to find solutions to my problems... a problem shared is a problem halved.
I know I need to get to the live events, and it is my intention to do so.
There I’ve said it and got it off my chest!!                                 

Man! that feels good now !!

I can almost feel the smile spreading from the middle of my face and reaching outwards and upwards towards my ears lol! – Woohoo! nearly back to my old self again.

YEP! It’s good to rant and vent now and again.

Now I think I’ll go indulge myself with wine, chocolate and music !!


PS.   I know I will look back over this post later, when I’m back to my positive self again, and I will probably think to myself :

“what a moaning/whingeing Pom, and why didn’t I just focus and get on with it”
But hey! Like I said ... I’m only human.


  1. Oh Denise,

    I love it! Maybe it's not the one you want me to syndicate, however, it's the truth isn't it?
    I have to say I know what you mean. I'm not sure if I would be able to navigate a home based business with all of the social media internet stuff today if I hadn't already understood and somewhat mastered the home based entrepreneur principles, which are totally opposite from the employee principles.

    In my humble opinion, you must become an entrepreneur first, then you master the social media, which is just a tool. It's like you have to know how to use the basics of a computer, like how to turn it on, before you decide on the sophisticated software programs which require advanced computer knowledge.

    Anyway, good luck in your study...master one thing at a time though, otherwise, as I like to say...I see so many people become "Jack of all trades, Master of none". I like to master one thing at a time, I'm old school, so it works for me, and after I master one thing, then and only then do I move onto the next.

    Okay, enough said. I just felt you and you just helped me on my training for this weekend. One step at a time for new people.
    Thank you dear Denise!

    Let me know if I can assist you in anyway.

    Much love & aloha,
    Kellie :)

  2. Hello Kellie,

    Thank you :)for stopping by my blog and for your very wise and supportive words which I have taken on board (although already signed up for your 9 part series 'The Secrets of Entrepreneurial Success' after our skype chat, got day 3 and looking forward to listening to them all:))

    Wow! it was quite a different blog post wasn't it? with some heartfelt emotions going on there I was having a right 'whinge' wasn't I lol!! I am pleased that this post has helped you with your training for the weekend, I am a firm believer that something positive can always be gained from what at first might seem a negative situation ;) I am so glad that we have 'met'and become friends Kellie, and you are always so friendly and helpful,thanks again for reaching out to me, I really do appreciate it Aloha :) Denise

  3. Aaah ... see, I KNEW we were kindred spirits!

    THIS, to me, is what blogging is truly about. Raw. Honest. Authentic and Real.

    I so understand your frustration with the hype and promises ~ I've been right there with you in the wanting to scream and vent and throttle someone.

    But at the end of the day - we are goddesses. We are making ourselves into the bestest version that we can possibly imagine and each unfulfilled promise or product that sucks us in and doesn't deliver, just gets chalked up to experience and we move on.

    But SHARING those experiences is what makes you into a Leader, and in becoming a Leader, you step into the greatness you Know is your birthright.

    And sometimes, you're lucky enough to meet a TRUE leader and entrepreneurial goddess like Kellie and that makes up for all the other crap.

    I'm so very glad to have met you, goddess Denise, and when next I'm in the UK, I promise we'll meet face to face and Do Tea!

    Bliss and blessings,
    the goddess known as Jacqui

  4. Hi Goddess Jacqui,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for those great comments, it made me smile as I read them :)I love what you say and I find myself saying to myself after reading your 'stuff' "yes that's just what I think haha!"

    I am also so pleased to have met you, and yes we definitely will do Tea and biscuits haha! when you're next in the UK I would look forward to it.

    Have a great day and take care, to our success

    best wishes
    Denise :)