Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Almost there!
Hello everyone,

As it was Easter Sunday and a fairly nice day here in England (although had been raining earlier!) I decided I needed some fresh air and exercise.  So along with my husband Ged, daughter Steph and her boyfriend Carl and our faithful staffie Zak we headed off to Great Ayton to climb Roseberry Topping, a well known tourist site aound here, and although we only live about 20 minutes drive away, we (myself and hubby Ged) have never actually been up there before, a first time for everything eh!

Now I would normally consider this a daunting task, especially as I  am spending a lot of time sitting at my laptop with the lure of social media, and as much as I love this and find it fascinating, it is also very challenging to me, regarding internet technology, not one of my strong points haha! So I  thought I need to practice what I preach  - becoming 'Healthy, Wealthy and Wise' - focusing here on the 'Healthy' bit.  As all the new internet 'stuff' I am learning is certainly exercising my mind and brain, I realised, as I looked at the pictures I am adding here and there, what about the rest of me!!! so metaphorically speaking, if I can face the challenges of the internet, then I can climb any mountain...well a very large hill anyway!  and guess what ... I did it slowly and surely and very muddily ...mission accomplished,  as the pictures will show (if I can manage to upload them from my phone!!)

This was a very enjoyable and invigorating day spent with my family, and as I reflected on the day (especially as we approached and the air ambulance was just arriving, didn't find out why and hopefully no-one was seriously hurt) I felt like I had accomplished much, not just the physical challenge, but I felt like all my senses had been heightened and I felt really grateful and happy about my life and the plans I have :) it's great to work hard for yourself to achieve you goals and dreams, but it's also important to take time out and 'stop and smell the roses ...'

Hope everyone else had time to enjoy with their friends and family over the Easter break:)

I look forward to posting more articles during which I aim to inform, educate, empower and entertain - it's good to laugh :0

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