Thursday, 25 February 2010

Inspirational video clip from 'Rocky'

Hopefully below should be a short video clip from the ROCKY film, I got this from website - I found this very moving and inspirational, I'm sure many people can relate to this in some way - check it out and see what you think :)


  1. Wow Denise! I remember this clip, however, I have not seen it in years! I will re-post in my FB page!
    Thanks for all of the RTs. I love when you visit our blog! Hey let me know what you feel about my last post! It was a tough one for me to post. :)

  2. Hi there Kellie, just noticed your comment ( I'm only about a month late haha!) thank you, that's really nice of you. I'm trying to get caught up with everything, and my blog has been neglected, but I realise that this is central to social media so I'm working on it. I have a very long draft of 'my story' and I keep altering it lol! but think I should just get it out there so people can get to know me better. No doubt I will be stopping by your blog again later for some interesting articles as always! so bi for now (Aloha)
    Denise :)